WCO Offers Annual Summer Orchestral Music Workshops
          The 2015 Camp was a huge success.  We had an 85% increase in enrollment.  Students, Parents and Instructors are clamoring for a two week camp.  Next year camp will be July 11 through 15.  Donations to our camp fund might make it possible for a two week camp.         
Two workshops are designed to offer great musical experiences to young people, regardless of previous musical experience. The first workshop, the Music Explorers Workshop, was designed to provide an introduction to music and the instruments of the orchestra. The second, the Young Performers Workshop, places young instrumentalists in the Workshop Orchestra, where they will meet, practice, and perform with an array of local musicians, guest artists, and students from throughout the region. This year we will gain have strings, with a breakout for guitar, piano,  voice, history/theory and more.  The Camp takes a Fieldtrip to the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) as a highlight of the week.
            Registration for the workshops is $45.00 for the Explorers and  $75.00 for the Young performers; however, a limited number of scholarships are available. For registration materials or additional information, visit www.wco.org or call (928) 684-7473.

CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION FORMS  same as last year with June 30, 2015 deadline.

        WCO Music Explorers Sample Day From 2010 we have a much updated format this year. In addition to the guitar, percussion, brass and voice that we have added over the years, this year we add ukulele.  A Trip to the Musical Instrument Museum is part of the camp.


         Listening to Background music as students enter

Music listening, featured composer, music history

·         Name tag activity (Randomly give name tags to students.  Students find their names.) Bach’s 23 children, 76 relatives, 50 with the name “Johann”

  • Stress active listening

“Piano” Section


Materials: Presentation Set-up: Dry-erase/markers, Laptop/projector, invite children to write their own, paper, markers

25 min

Painter’s tape (1-1 ½ inch)

Guest Performance


Kay Anderson


Is it possible to have a real piano available?



Materials: cardboard, tubes, bottles, PVC piping, boom-whackers


15 min


“Are You Sleeping” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”

Responding to Music

Bach “Anna Magdalena.” Movement to show high and low.





Daily Schedule

9:00 – Sectionals


            Ear Training: Match pitch, blend and balance, singing parts

            Technique: Posture, breathing, colors and dynamics


10:00 – Ensemble Rehearsal

            Basic conducting, phrasing, listening; as necessary for music


11:00 – Guest Presentation

            Monday - Keyboards: Kay Anderson, Diamondbacks Organist

Tuesday - Brass: Tim Johnson

Wednesday - Strings: Quartet

Thursday - Woodwinds: Elizabeth Wagner (Music Therapist/Clarinetist)

Friday - Percussion: Rebecca Duncan, Matthew Britton


11:30 – Lunch


12:15 – Theory and Appreciation

Monday: Time signatures and counting system – Gershwin: Preludes; Debussy, Claire de Lune

Tuesday: Clefs and reading notes: F, C, G clefs; major and minor keys (handout: mini keyboard) – Shostaokovich: Novorrossisk Chimes (PR brass version), Kodaly: Hary Janos Suite (Viennese Musical Clock), some fast brass quintet music?

Wednesday: Key Signatures: order of sharps and flats, handouts for circle of fifths, how to figure from signature,  (handout: list of labeled key signatures, order of sharps and flats) – Copland: Hoe-Down from Rodeo, Barber: Adagio for String, Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade

Thursday: Tempos and dynamics, review: lists and definitions – Tchaikovsky: 4th Symphony, mvt. 2, Grainger: Linconshire Posy, The Brisk Young Sailor; Rimsky-Korsakov: Flight of the Bumblebee

Friday: Form and Roles – Blast!: Marimba Spiritual,


Tuesday-Thursday Afternoon


1:00 – Games (Music games, team building)

            Monday – Pass the Tempo (clapping team-building exercise), name learning

            Tuesday – Note-Reading Bingo, Spell-the-Word (on the staff)

            Wednesday – Building a machine, drawing music symbols with the body

            Thursday – Musical Jeopardy


2:00 – Ensemble Rehearsal


3:00 – Dismissal

Friday Afternoon


1:00 – Games

            The Cup Game, Balloon Volleyball


1:30 – Ensemble Rehearsal


2:30 – Distribute T-shirts and Take Pictures


3:00 – Dinner

            Pizza Party


4:00 – Rehearsal with Community Orchestra


5:00 – Concert


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