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Sixth Annual Children's Music Camp  July 6-10, 2015

Camp was a huge success.  We had an 85% increase in enrollment.  Students, Parents and Instructors are clamoring for a two week camp.  Next year camp will be July 11 through 15.  Donations to our camp fund might make it possible for a two week camp.  

Photo is Campers at the MIM

Thanks to many donors, WCO is able to offer a field trip to the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) to every sixth grade in Wickenburg and the surrounding area.  WCO will pay for the entry fees as well as transportation.  Those interested should call the Garcia Little Red Schoolhouse, Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m at (928) 684-7473.  Leave a message if you cannot call during the above times.  


Fifth Annual Children's Music Camp, July 7 through 11, 2014


Fourth Annual Children's Music Camp is July 8 through July 12, 2013.

Fall Concert November 26, 2013

  In partnership with the Del E. Webb Center for Performing Arts Appalachian Spring was performed by Arizona Pro Arte Orchestra  for area schools.  Tim Verville is the director. WCO has been presenting a professional orchestra as our student orchestral experience for many years.  


Annual Children's Music Camp was July 9 thrugh July 13.

Fall Concert November 20, 2012


West Valley Symphony came to Wickenburg on  November 22nd, at the invitation of the Wickenburg Children's cultural Organization.  Maestro Kellogg and members of the orchestra traveled to the Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts to perform Prokofiev's timeless classic "Over 960 students, representing grades 1-12, came by bus from the Nadaburg, Morristown, Hassayampa, Congress, Aguila and Wickenburg schools for the performance. Maestro Kellogg and Dr. Benz fielded questions including: "What happened to the duck?", "Does the bass player get tired from standing up all the time?" and "How big is the bassoon?"

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Annual Children's Music Camp, June 28  thrugh July 2.  Click here for more information, registration and scholarship forms.


Concert for area children, Monday September 21, 2009

Wickenburg Children's cultural Organization in partnership with the Del E. Webb Center  presented:

WCO will provided lunch for the Orchestra catered by the Wickenburg High School Culinary Arts program. 

In January 2008 Wickenburg Children's cultural Organization (WCO) used funds from the A. Wallace Denny Foundation for its “Music Matters” programs.  The grant made possible a pilot string instrument program in schools that do not have music specialists.  Morristown and Aguila School Districts participated. There programs were so successful that both school districts wrote and received grants that will allow them to continue the program for five years. 

WCO benefactors were so impressed that funds were donated to add a school, Model Creek in Yarnell, that really wanted a strings program.  Click here to see a Wickenburg Sun article on the Yarnell program.

  WCO hopes the program will continue its success and more individuals and foundations will support it and allow it to expand to other schools with the ultimate goal of having a pool of talent for an area Youth Orchestra..



Concert for area children, Tuesday September 23, 2008

Wickenburg Cultural Organization in partnership with the Del E. Webb Center  presented:

.  Wickenburg and WCO were honored to have CKN sponsor Ted Dreier as well as the authors of the pieces present in the audience, here all the way from Tennessee.

As a follow-up to the concert, WCO donated the Moozie Book and a Moozied puppet to the library of every school that attended the concert.

one week Music/History program from June 23 through June 27.   They created a Tableau depicting the history of Education in the Wickenburg area.The program included Dr. Cravath enjoys helping children discover their traditional culture.  In this case the history of education in the Wickenburg Area.   At the end of the week they performed their  for parents and community members, using the information they learned.

A. Wallace Denny Grant Received Through the Arizona Community Foundation



This project provides services of a music teacher to staff a string instrument class in an after school program 2 times a week with one prep hour for 30 weeks of the school year with an end of the year and mid year performance.  We are partnering with the Phoenix Conservatory of Music to provide instructors.


This is taking the music program in both pilot schools, Aguila and Morristown, to the next level.  Both have successfully used the Brummitt/Taylor Listening program for a number of years.  WCO has provided on site string performers.  One of the schools feel strongly the anecdotal evidence is there proving increased music education has increased academic achievement. There is research that confirms this belief. The two pilot school leaders Don German and Lucille Thompson, agree this is the best model for such a program.


The program has been a desire of all the WCO rural schools who can currently not afford a certified music specialist in their small budgets.   We have had this plan in mind for a number of years without funding to set up the pilot. The grant targets Western Maricopa County.  WCO hopes results will be so positive that individuals and organizations will choose to fund the continuation and expansion of the program.


Brummitt-Taylor Listening Program

The WCO provides the Brummitt-Taylor Listening Program to elementary schools in Morristown, Yarnell, Congress, Aguila, Wickenburg, and Wittmann. The Brummitt-Taylor Listening Program is a structured 5-year curriculum in which elementary students listen to five minutes of classical music daily. The music and leader's guides are included in the program.

Today the students who are participating in the WCO sponsored classical music program can discuss the difference between a cello, violin, and bass as well as articulate their favorite classical composers and the reasons they feel the composer's work is important. They are quick to tell you that the music relaxes them and improves their studies. One went so far as to say that he believed that if "bosses played classical music at work, employees would get more done."


The WCO provides scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are going on to college to study music. We also offer summer camp scholarships to students of all ages as well as scholarships to Camp Imagination. Contact us at 928-684-7473 or for more information.

Phoenix Symphony Concerts for the Schools

1st through 6th grade students in Wickenburg, Morristown, Wittmann, Congress, Yarnell and Aguila are offered tickets to the Phoenix Symphony Hall. Between 400-1000 students attend these concerts each year. Additionally, the WCO partners with the Arizona State University Orchestra to bring musicians to Wickenburg and/or the schools for concerts.

Music Lessons

The WCO subsidizes lessons and equipment rentals for students who want to study music. Call for more information.


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